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Welcome to Win at Holdem

October 21, 2014
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Win at Holdem

Welcome to Win at Holdem, your most trusted poker webpage on the internet. A resourceful knowledgebase and top notch online Texas holdem  poker rooms are our best recommendations. All of our recommended sites are licensed and secure; your part is only to enjoy the thrill. Choose among our trusted sites and start winning massively now.

Online Texas Holdem is the most popular

Online Texas holdem  is the most popular poker variant these days. Within twenty years, Texas holdem alone has surpassed all other gambling games combined in terms of popularity, and has been reigning supreme for a while. It has been six or seven years since the online variant repeated the success of its live counterpart . No-limit Texas holdem  is regularly played during the World Series of Poker (WSOP), which happens to be the highest profile event in the history of poker, and broadcast worldwide to boot. To top it off, various celebrity-hosted Texas holdem  tournaments are staged on a regular basis in Las Vegas. Need we say that they, too, are tremendously popular? In fact, they are so popular that the number of spectators never fails to reach new records, and every time several more countries start broadcasting them live.

Texas Holdem rules

Online Texas holdem  is quite similar to the live game, but it has a wider variety of variants. You may acquaint yourself with the rules of each you here at Win at Holdem. Basic rules, however, are the same regardless of the variant. If you are an online win at holdem beginner, make sure to familiarize yourself with them first. At the beginning of the game, all players are dealt two personal (hole) cards. They are dealt face-down. Additional five cards are dealt face up immediately afterwards (community cards). They are placed on the table. The goal of the game is to come up with the best combination of five cards consisting of personal and community cards. Depending on the  online Texas holdem  variant, the card combining rules differ. This topic is discussed in detail elsewhere on Win at Holdem, so make sure to visit our knowledgebase.

Betting rounds

There are four betting rounds in total. With the exception of no limit game variant, the first two wagers limits are predefined . The next two wagers have a double limit. Betting and raising cannot exceed the limits. The rest of the game has the same flow as other poker games. The actions available are: check, bet, call, raise, and fold.

Online poker rooms offer free bonuses

Online poker rooms offer free bonuses, starting with a free deposit bonus, which may come quite handy, particularly if you are a beginner. We at Win at Holdem have selected the best online poker rooms on the internet – all of them licensed, verified, and risk-free. Choose the ones that suit you best and start winning massively within minutes!

Tips and Strategies

Win At Holdem Present: Texas Holdem Variants

October 21, 2014
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Texas Holdem Variants

Hello again and  welcome to Win at Holdem! We need not particularly expand on Texas Holdem popularity, but let us say that it is the biggest of the so-called flop games (poker games where players combine community- and personal cards to form a five card hand). Some argue that there are no variants of Texas Holdem, rather – different variants of flop games. Whichever definition you prefer, Win at Holdem presents our picks.

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