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Win At Holdem Present: Texas Holdem Variants

October 21, 2014
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Texas Holdem Variants

Hello again and  welcome to Win at Holdem! We need not particularly expand on Texas Holdem popularity, but let us say that it is the biggest of the so-called flop games (poker games where players combine community- and personal cards to form a five card hand). Some argue that there are no variants of Texas Holdem, rather – different variants of flop games. Whichever definition you prefer, Win at Holdem presents our picks.


Players get four community cards instead of two. They must combine exactly two of them with exactly three of the five community cards to make a five card hand. Omaha is usually played high/low, and both fixed limit and pot limit are common.

Super Holdem

Players get three hole cards instead of two. They may combine all three with five community cards to form a five card poker hand.

Double Flop Holdem

Two different boards dealt whenever community cards are dealt. Players can combine their two hole cards with either of these two separate boards. One only. Double Flop Holdem is best played straight or as a split pot game, where the winners of each of the board split the gains.


Each player is dealt three instead of two pocket cards. They need to discard one of them immediately before pre-flop betting starts. Pineapple is arguably best played straight, and limit and no limit variants are preferred to pot limit.

Crazy Pineapple

Similarly to “Pineapple”, players are dealt three hole cards instead of two. After the post-flop betting phase, and before the turn card is dealt, each player needs to discard one of the pocket cards. If they fail to do it, the hand is terminated after the turn. Crazy Pineapple is best played high/low, and limit and no limit variants are fairly common. No limit being is played rarely.

Tahoe Poker

Players get three hole cards. They must combine exactly two of them with five board cards to form a five card poker hand. Similar to Omaha.


Players are dealt two hole cards. Three flops are dealt at the same time. Two turns are dealt at once, and there is one river. Players combine their hole cards with specific board lines (four in total). The top flop and the bottom turn / the bottom flop and the top turn cannot be used. Chowaha is best played eight or better. Mentioned above are only the most popular Texas Holdem variants. Naturally, there are more, which will be discussed elsewhere at Win at Holdem. Please refer to our knowledgebase for more articles on respective Texas Holdem variants, with in-depth info on strategies and tricks.

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